Suzuran Vault
Suzuran Bóveda 1 Suzuran Bóveda 2 Suzuran Bóveda 3 Suzuran Bóveda 4 Suzuran Bóveda 5 Suzuran Bóveda 6

It is a monument to the 50th anniversary of the city of Ebetsu. It measures 4 meters in diameter and 4 meters high. It is built 2 types of bricks, some are Gres of Breda and other Ebetsu bricks that is the product of their city.

It is a Catalan vault structure but developing the system structure Gaudí.

It's got to be parabolic arc to the catenary strapless with a thickness of 65mm. Also, without waterproofing. The implementation work took 10 days with 4000 but 3-layer thin bricks across quartering to achieve greater resistance.