Hiroya Tanaka
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Hiroya Tanaka 3

Survyor, Doctor Architect

Performing the actual measurement and drawing of Gaudi's buildings, while living in Barcelona. The current view of the Sagrada Familia in particular 5 years (an isometric cross sectional view of 1/50) overview Guell Park facade took him eight years. During the actual measurement, found the design, structure and mythology of the Gaudi architecture, the additional reading solution in the vertical and horizontal directions of the characteristics and regional identity. Others, Veracruz, in response to the invitation of UNESCO Forum since 1998, taking advantage of research planning workshop repair Citadel. Since then, throughout the country, as Gaudí architecture, history, code, drawing, exhibitions and conferences more than 60 times, the description about it. Up to now proceed with planning workshop activities. Especially starts BT1 monument Ebetsu in Hokkaido as an application that takes advantage of the material and the brick structure Gaudí for the renewal of the plan by leveraging the characteristics of Japan and Spain. In the town Riudoms where Gaudí born the square. Also has made the design and engineering and construction of Kitayama Kindergarten in Fuchu Tokyo, taking advantage of the technical design of Gaudí. Drawing Exhibition at Salon del Manga in Barcelona in 2015. In 2016, the exhibition and conference in the Shibuya and Ginza Gallery Gaudí. The exhibition of architectural drawings by UNESCO in Veracruz Forum Workshop for example to develop the project of San Juan de ULUA.

1952   Born in Wakkanai, Hokkaido


1975   Graduation in Architecture at Kokushikan University (Tokyo)

1981-82   Invitation of Spanish Government for studing about Gaudí’s architecture

1992   Doctor Architect for the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC)


1975-1978   Hie arquitectural office (Osaka)

1978   Barcelona visit

1989   Foundation of Gaudi Club Cultural Association (Barcelona)

1990   Foundation of ORIOCC,S.L(Barcelona)


1986   "Gaudí- Architectural works. Drawing of current measurement", SHOUKOKU-SHA (Tokyo)

1991   "Mesura y Gaudí" (Gaudí Club)

1998   "Gaudi's soliloquy" (Kyoto Shoin)

2012   "The discovery by measurements on the architecture of Gaudí", SHOUKOKU-SHA

2013   "Gaudi code, a pupil of the Dragon" (Nagasaki publication)


1999   Roca's residence (Sitges)

2001   Paco's residence (Masnou)

2004   Monument Ebetsu BT

2007   Plaza Arbre (Riudoms)

2012   Kitayama kindergarten


2004   Nominated for Spain Prince Award art department

2015   Barcelona Japan Consul General public officer Award (Sr. MAKIUCHI)

2016   10th Gaudi GRESOL Award

2018   Academia Prize (The Academic Society of Japan)